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Here at PB we understand the importance of preparation when it comes to painting and decorating – ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail’. That is why we ensure that every single stage of preparation is carried out, include things like; washing walls with sugar soap, sanding previously decorated woodwork so that a top coat gets a good key and doesn’t peel off later down the line, priming walls prior to wallpapering to ensure adhesion, caulking newly fitted woodwork and much more.

Once our preparation is carried out, we are then ready to do the fun bit – painting! We offer both interior and exterior painting at PB.

Name a brand of paint and we have almost definitely used it. We are familiar with the application of more affordable brands like Wickes all the way through to premium quality paints such as Farrow & Ball.

We would always recommend to our customers to purchase a good quality paint to ensure a perfect finish and to keep the labour cost down, as the usage of a cheaper brand will often mean far more coats to achieve a good finish. Our absolute favourite paint to work with is Dulux, as they have a large variety of colours and offer an unmatched coverage and in our eyes give the best finish.

One service that we provide that we absolutely love to carry out is frog taped feature walls. We have completed many of these and have become specialists in this area. Firstly the customer choses a design such as geometric, stripes, squares etc.

After a meeting discussing said design, we send over plans and give the customer the chance to choose the exact wall they are after. Having a feature wall like this is completely bespoke and we encourage our customers to be as creative as possible. We love putting our skills to the test!


  • Application of emulsion paint on walls and ceilings

  • Spraying emulsion paint on walls and ceilings

  • Application of satinwood, gloss and eggshell paint on woodwork

  • Dealing with damp areas by applying stain blocks and damp seals


  • Sanding and washing walls ready for application of paint

  • Applying lining paper to walls and ceilings

  • Caulking

  • Applying wallpaper to walls

  • Removal of wallpaper

  • Repairing small holes with filler

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