Our plastering work gives the walls and ceilings in your property a perfect finish every time. It is the perfect solution to prepare the surface if you are considering redecorating, renovating or revamping your home. Getting your walls and ceilings plastered gives you that lovely smooth finish but also offers heat and sound insulation, as well as being fireproof.

At PB Property Maintenance we are both City and Guilds trained plasterers and have years of experience of working on all types of jobs, big and small. We regularly plaster in both private and commercial properties, always leaving a surface ready to be painted, tiled or wallpapered over. Our work is always through and we pride ourselves on the finish we leave. Our work is fully insured and will last for many years to come. Please find a list of the plastering services we provide, below.

Artex Removal

Patterned Artex ceilings were all the rage a few years ago but as trends change it is now a common request that we get to remove the artex by scraping it off and then smooth over with plaster.

Plaster-boarding and Beads

Sometimes it is necessary to plaster board over a wall or ceiling before plaster can be applied. We are more than able to help if this if your situation and we also fit beads to the edges to provide a straight crisp edge.

Float and Set

This is the process of plastering over a block or brickwork wall that requires more than just a top coat of multi-finish plaster but instead needs a thicker and tougher backing plaster like hardwall or sand and cement render. This coat is then scratched up to provide a good key in preparation for the top coat of much smoother finishing plaster.


When a wall or ceiling is newly put up plasterboard or an older wall with minor discrepancies it will require a much thinner 2 coat process of plastering with thistle multi-finish top coat plaster.

Repairing large holes with bonding and plaster

If a solid wall had been damaged and has a hole that required much more than just skimming or filing then it will need to be primed and then plastered using a backing coat like bonding and then plastered over with a top coat.

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